Acupuncture for back pain

"I’ve been working with Lana for a while now, but one time in particular I came to her with a strained muscle on the left side of my back from a heavy squat session. I couldn’t sit comfortably, extend my arm, or even breathe deeply because of the pain, but she only needed 45 minutes to change all that. Thanks to her needling technique, my back felt 100% better and back to the gym within a day and a half. Lana is a very kind and knowledgeable acupuncturist with a phenomenal bedside manner. She made sure to explain what exactly happened to me and how to prevent similar injuries in the future. She also made sure that I was completely comfortable and calm throughout the entire session - she patiently prepared me for every single needle insertion! I can’t recommend Lana enough! It’s difficult to believe that someone so skilled and competent is also so kind and understanding. Whether it’s your first time receiving an acupuncture treatment or you’re looking for a new practitioner, Lana will certainly impress you!” -AT

Acupuncture for knee pain

"With a history of intense growth spurts (as a woman standing at 6'2"), stress/anxiety, and high-impact exercises, namely running and Irish dancing, I've faced more issues with knee, neck, and back pain than the average 23-year old probably has. Each time Lana has treated me for these issues, she has exhibited more expertise, understanding, and care for my body and my discomfort than any other health professional I have ever seen. She takes the time to ask the important questions, uses her hands to assess exactly what MY body is facing and will need, and, most importantly to an anxious, controlling person like me, explains exactly what she is doing and why it will help my pain. Her treatments are relaxing, her bedside manner is comforting, her knowledge of exactly what she is doing and talking about is reassuring, and her treatments really do work! The tension in my knee and back have felt immediate ease with every treatment she has given me, and over time the pain has subsided in a very noticeable way. I truly recommend Lana's services not only for their results, but for an overall positive experience of healing, comfort, and well-being." -RD

Acupuncture for migraines

“I’ve never gotten acupuncture before, and Lana made the experience super easy and comfortable. Her extensive knowledge of different conditions and needs was impressive and added to the comfort of the situation. Lana has helped me through chronic migraines as well as problems with scar tissue. She completed each session in a professional and patient manner. Every session has left me feeling relaxed, refreshed, and overall better than before.” -JG

Acupuncture for PMS

“I have been struggling with heavy, painful periods for about 8 years. I have experienced significant relief in 4 weeks by following Lana’s treatment plan. Since my last cycle, my pre-menstrual symptoms have decreased significantly and I was even able to stay active during the last bleeding phase. I was able to go on a 6-mile bike ride and hang out in the city all weekend without the typical loss of energy I have been experiencing throughout the last 8 years. Before getting treated, the pain was debilitating and I lost entire weekends and I would also have to take days off from work because I felt so weak and ill. I went through two medical procedures without much relief. I was at my wit’s end. I am truly grateful for the care and help I have received from Lana. I look forward to each future cycle getting better and better.” –IV

Acupuncture for yeast infections

I have had chronic yeast infections for years now. I tried different doctors and medications, but the infection always came back. After two weeks of treatment for the first time in years I am free of symptoms. You have NO idea how freeing it is. I’m so grateful for Lana’s care and healing. Like I can’t believe it - it’s been years since I have felt this good. I can’t thank her enough. I’m still in disbelief. I was so depressed thinking I would be stuck like that forever. I’m just so immensely full of gratitude. Lana saved my life, and she is the healer we need in the world.” -AM

Acupuncture for digestion

“In 2018, I began acupuncture treatment with Lana to help aid digestive concerns. Prior to seeing Lana, I had struggled with laxative abuse for three years. After seeking therapeutic treatment, I wanted to deepen my connection and healing to my digestive system. Lana provided emotional support and education with care and respect from out introduction to the intake to treatment to after-care. Lana created a safe space to disclose my history with my body. Her ability to hold space allowed me to be completely honest and this provided me an ability to receive treatment. Shortly after treatments with Lana, I was able to resume a healthy bowel functioning without the use of any supplement. And, I have continued to be in recovery for over the past year." -MT

Acupuncture for high blood pressure

"Consultation with Lana was awesome. We had a virtual health consult. My main reason for this visit was my blood pressure was higher than it typically was. At the doctor’s office it was 145/95 mm/Hg. During an urgent care visit my blood pressure was 170/95 mm/Hg. HIGH. I gave Lana all this information and she has prescribed some Chinese herbs for my blood pressure. After taking them for two months, my blood pressure lowered to 120-130/80 mm/Hg. Awesome!" -CK